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Frequently Asked Questions

At a first glance, it might seem that this site is about training and coaching. It is and it is a lot more. Below, we address the key questions around what we do.


I have been on a journey for several years. Actually, it has been more of an adventure.

After 12 years in a corporate environment, I was fed-up with the "normal" way of working. I was tired of office politics, tired of the endless, pointless meetings and this constant feeling that I was missing something important. Frankly, I am not interested in the 27th version of something, where the previous version did the job just fine. 

This world has enough plastic gadgets, shampoo variations and pizza delivery apps. Instead, I want to see more answers to the big challenges of today. Two challenges stand out for me:

  1. Sustainability: Act to ensure we can live on this planet for another thousand years at the same quality of life or better. If we stay on the current course, we only have a few decades left.
  2. Compassion: I feel that we can do a lot more to get along with each other as humans. With automation and digitization becoming more widely available, we have an unprecedented opportunity to reshape the relationships within the human race.

I know there are more big challenges out there. However, these two challenges are what many people seem to agree on. And I spoke to many individuals, who want to contribute to make a change in these areas. 

"Start.Innovating.Work" was born out of the desire to help tackle these two challenges. Initially, the aim of the project was to ensure that more innovative ideas survive. Today, we are losing 90% of funded innovative ideas. To me, there was something wrong about losing so many qualified ideas. Over time, this project turned into so much more. The research we did showed that most innovative projects fail not because of the innovative ideas themselves or the markets they aimed at. Instead, they failed because we do not look after the humans behind these innovative ideas. And the same applies to just about any part of work today.

So, yes, my intention is to ensure that more innovation survives. As it turns out, the best way to do that seems to be to create better workplaces.

However, that raises some tough questions:

  • What does a (work) environment look like, in which you can thrive?
  • How can such a place be created and function?
  • How can you participate?

After lots of research and several iterations, I believe we are onto something. It is different. It is bold. It is simple, really, and yet so very different. Based on the data so far, I can say that it seems to work. This is what I want to share and discuss with you: a better plan. It is not perfect. However, it is better than what we have today. 

The approach is particularly well suited to individuals who do not feel that today's process and goal-based work environment is made for them. If you are looking for something different for your own work, you are in the right place.

In the end, this project is aimed at creating a better work place, in a way that the amazing people working there can thrive and do their job well. It brings together a community of like-minded individuals. Let's have people thrive as they do the things, they feel are important. And if it all works out, I would love to see a workplace come to life that delivers exactly that.  

Is that a conversation worth having? I believe so. Do you?

We want to create global solutions. So, we do a lot of things online. And some things are best done live, in person, the analogue way. Currently, that is most likely to happen in Geneva/Switzerland, Hamburg/Germany or Berlin/Germany. And we have enjoyed a lot of interest. So, the list will expand.

We recommend you start with either one of our Freebies (Quiz or 30-Minute Full-Potential Session) or one of our courses. The ATELIER, the work environment we work towards is very different. Not hard, just different. After participating in one of the above offers, it will be easier for you to understand what we are after. Participants have been particularly fond of meeting others on the same journey. And that is best done by meeting other individuals like yourself looking to bring their full potential in a meaningful way. This is regardless, if you return to your current work, depart on your own adventure or want to join ours at the ATELIER.  


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