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Helping individuals to thrive, so they can tackle the big challenges of today.

Innovating.Work started as an initiative to ensure that more innovative start-ups survive. Since its in 2015, it turned into so much more. Here is what you need to know.

Today, we still loose 90% of the funded, innovative start-ups. It turns out, we lose them not because the ideas are bad. We lose the majority of these promising companies, because we do not look very well after the people behind the ideas. To fix this, we created the "PEOPLE-CENTRIC INNVOATION" process that better manages why people come together, how they collaborate and what they aim to achieve.

Then a new question appeared: is innovation the only business area that would benefit from fully engaged employees? We live in a world where 80% of employees are disengaged. The rate of burn-out and depression are on the rise. And on the other hand we have some major challenges to address in our generation, particularly around sustainability and compassion. So, clearly, there is more to be done.

In the Research section, you can find more information about how we aim to combine the two topics to achieve better results beyond innovation.

Today, most of the energy and resources are used to validate the research, publish our findings and improve our training for companies and individuals. However, this is not our ultimate goal. Together with our partners, we ultimately want to harness the full human potential to solve the big challenges of today. This might be as part of an innovation unit or inside our "ATELIER", a "People-Centric Start-up Factory". THe crazy dream is to build an organisation that is capable to conceive, launch and support 100 companies, 80% of which will still operate in a self-sufficient manner 5 years later. Each of these will make a positive contribution to make our societies more sustainable and more compassionate. We will not be able to solve all problems at one. We will tackle them one at a time instead.

We are aware that this a great vision, but how do you do that?

For something of this scale, you need three things: 

  • Many problems to solve...easy! We have so many challenges in the area of sustainability on all levels, we will be busy for a while and the clock is ticking.
  • A lot of money...in the time of impact investing and low interest rates also doable.
  • Great people...that's where we come in.

We believe that the key to developing the future lies in the hands of purpose-driven people. And we have the science to prove just how amazing and effective these individuals are, once you support them in the right way.

Imagine a world where the work that each individual contributes, is appreciated, supported and deployed in the most opportune manner. Add that to a strong base and foundation driven by passion and purpose, and you a force to be reckoned with. We have offers for individuals that feel they have more to offer and organisations that are looking for such individuals.

For individuals, do our quiz or participate in one of our trainings. For organisations, we can help youfind the innovators in your organisation and provide the right environment for them to thrive, as they tackle your business challenges.

Intrigued? Join us in creating a better future!

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