Engage The Untapped Innovation Potential In Your Organisation

All parts of your organisation have untapped innovative potential. But how do you access it? We can show you how.

Are you ahead in the innovation game?

Staying ahead in the innovation game is critical for the survival of your business. Innovation and renewal have been well integrated into many companies for a long time. Yet, we are heading into a period where several global trends are leading to an unprecedented rate of change. And today, we are not innovative enough. According to a recent study by the Boston Consulting Group (BCG), three quarters of decision makers believe that innovation is a top 3 priority. Yet, only 20% believe they have an advantage in Innovation. So, today, every second organisation has an innovation problem! Are you one of them?

The untapped potential in your organisation

Given the market forces at play, the only viable response is to increase the rate of innovation to stay ahead of the market and competition. And the best way to do that is use the untapped resources in your own organisation: your employees.

We help you identify, activate and deploy the innovators in your work force.

This is important, because a) these individuals are the drivers of change and b) they are highly mobile and will leave your organisation, if you don't support them correctly.

Most organisations don't know how to do support their intrapreneurs and innovators correctly. We can help you with that: identification, activation and deployment of innovators. However, this group is interested in the big changes. Are you?

We facilitate the game-changing stuff, the "make-competition-irrelevant" ideas, the "we-never-thought-this-was -possible" kind of positive impact, the "we-have-been-waiting-for-this-for-so-long" customer response. All that, while making money. This is possible when fully engaging the innovation potential of your organisation. We invite you to benefit from our insights to achieve this.

Selection of Partners and Participents


Join us for a benchmarking project as part of a scientific study. If successful, the approach promises to triple the success rate of your innovation efforts or change project. We offer to fully use the untapped potential in your organisation. There are three steps:

  1. a short questionnaire will reveal the current environment in your organisation compared to environment that your innovators and intrapreneur are looking for. The questionnaire contains 18 questions, can be completed online and typically takes about 5-6 minutes.
  2. Based on the results of the questionnaire and the specific needs of the organisation, a road map is agreed. It will lead to the establishment of a people-centric innovation unit.
  3. The implementation will allow more of your innovators and intrapreneurs to step forward and help prepare your organisation for the future.

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The Science

In 2019, the "Journal of Experimental Innovation" from the European Center of Nuclear Research (CERN) published our first scientific article. It examines the gap between the (work) environment that companies provide for employees compared to the environment that innovators are looking for. A simple tool allows to identify and untapped innovative potential in your organisation. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

The benchmarking is a comparative study. It looks at the untapped innovation potential in top-tier organisations in various industries across Europe. It seeks to identify employees with a specific mindset that are expected to create businesses differently and with higher chances of success than what we see today.

CG Survey found that 75% of decision makers see innovation as a Top 3 priority in their organisation. However, only 20% believe they are meeting their objectives. Today, leading businesses must ask themselves how they can adjust and innovate to stay ahead of the change and competition. “People-Centric Innovation” offers an opportunity to identify the individuals inside your organisation that can prepare your organisations for this emerging future. Through our process, you can identify those individuals, activate their core motivators and fully support them through the creation and implementation of their ideas.

  • Identify untapped innovative potential in your organisation
  • Comparison to other top-tier organisations with the opportunity to share best practices
  • Opportunity to significantly improve success rate of innovation and change projects, by engaging specific employees.
  • Opportunity to use “people-centric” innovation approach to improve job satisfaction, loyalty and financial results.
  • Each questionnaire has 21 questions and takes about six minutes to complete.
  • The questionnaire is available online (computer, tablet, phone) or as a PDF (to be printed).
  1. Privacy: all personal data (name, age, gender, email, employment, education) is voluntary and will only be communicated in an aggregated form that does not allow for the identification of any individual answers.
  2. Labour laws: This research promotes better company results, career development and need-based training in line with company objectives. We have cleared the work from a legal perspective. To ensure compliance with agreements and processes within your organisation, we advise the involvement of the appropriate internal representatives. Of course, we will support this conversation with our knowledge and presence, as needed.

www.innovating.work is an initiative started by Steffen Raetzer to improve the survival rate of innovative ideas and thereby significantly improving their impact. The objective is to validate and implement a more people-centric approach to innovation to significantly improve impact, engagement, job satisfaction and financial results.

Based on qualitative Venture Capital data, 90% of all innovative start-ups are lost. In addition, an analysis of post-mortem stories of VC backed start-ups that have failed has shown that more than half of the start-ups fail due to occurrences that are completely or mostly due to people related challenges.

The people-centric innovation approach addresses these issues. It focusses on better supporting the individuals and teams responsible to create, test and implement new ideas. This results in higher engagement for the individual. In addition, it provides a better fit between the individuals and the idea, project or start-up, resulting in higher chances of success and better results.

For more information, please visit http://www.innovating.work/organisation.

Contact details: 

Steffen Raetzer, [email protected], +41-789119972

Learn the three steps needed to build a sustainable ecosystem for disruptors.

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