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A science-based approach to transition from just "fitting in" to thriving at work and in your private life.

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You are successful, but...

You've got the education, the job, and the ambition. It looks great from the outside. But something's missing. Welcome to the new norm where 80% of the workforce is disengaged, stressed, or overwhelmed.

Your well-being is about more than a paycheck or a title. And this gap seeps into every corner of your life. When you're drained, it's hard to be the best version of yourself—professionally and personally.

That's where Innovating.Work comes in. We believe that reshaping our (work) environment can redefine our lives. Forget outdated, process and goal-driven models. We're pioneering environments that prioritise values, vision, and intrinsic motivation. Environments where trust replaces fear, and collaboration dethrone competition, and you become the empowered individual you crave for. Ready for a new experience? Take our quick quiz to find out more.

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Does this sound familiar to you:

  • You did everything "right" and it does not feel that way.
  • You feel you have more potential but just can't bring it to your work and life.

  • You feel out of place in today's goal and process driven, hierarchical work environment.

  • The office politics is just so draining and annoying.
  • You see opportunities that feel important, but you don't know how to get them implemented.

  • You crave for an environment with strong values, vision and collaboration.

Unhappy at work? GOOD!

You're not alone if the 9-to-5 grind no longer aligns with who you are and what you want. This isn't a sign of failure but a wake-up call, signalling that you've outgrown your current work environment. If you sense something needs to change but can't quite articulate what—that's not confusion; it's awareness.

Welcome to Innovating.Work—a sanctuary designed for individuals like yourself who sense there must be more to work-life than enduring the status quo or some future career advancement. You're yearning for an experience that resonates with your deeper values and visions.

At Innovating.Work, we demystify this transformative journey by breaking it down into manageable, science-based steps. All we need is a few hours of your time to reveal what a better work-life balance could look like for you. Its not hard, just different.

Our mission extends beyond individual happiness. In a world where 80% of the workforce is disengaged, we aim to redefine what 'work' can and should be—a personal journey with a trusted community that supports you in earning money and finding deep meaning and satisfaction. Intrigued? Let's find out what's possible for you.

"In a way, [participating] felt a little like "coming home." Before I started it, I felt like my life was running me instead of me it. I had this nagging feeling like I had somehow gotten off track and needed to re-trace my steps. I felt ashamed about not being satisfied with my work and personal life since I had all the things that fit in to the conventional definition of success."

Christine S.

"My surprise: I am already a lot further than I thought. Unbelievable! What a relief! "


"I think, you opened my eyes to what I can do, I now will keep on working on keeping them open. "

Female Participant

"...I understand now, how I can use my personal choices and commitments to achieve the things that are important to me!"


"It gave me the hope that I can change my future and work towards a better life, be that alone or with other like-minded individuals. It feels like one very helpful step on a longer, less lonely journey. "


The Journey

The journey with us has three steps. We start with a simple quiz. It will give you an insight into the environment you thrive in. This is followed by the Game-Changer Journey. It aims to answer the  seemingly simple question:

What makes your eyes light up?

We believe it is the central question for any degree of fulfillment, passion and sustainable excellence. We work together to find your answer. The answer often starts with something like: "It might sound crazy, but..." Soon, this "crazy" will be your new normal, taking you to places that seemed far out of reach. Some call it purpose, or life goal, or mission and various other names. It describes, what feels important to you.
With the completion of the Game-Changer Journey you will become part of a trusted community. In this community, you can connect to others on the same journey.

This training is specifically created for people like you, who have outgrown their current environment. Here are the three steps we will take you through:

Step 1: Our science-based quiz

The environment you are in shapes you, your performance and your well-being. Too often we do not know what environment we need. Sometimes we are even mssing the right language and questions to ask. Out since-based approach helps you to overcome that. Take our quiz and learn what environment you thrive in.

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Step 2: The Game-Changer Journey

Once you know the environment you thrive in, the Game-Changer Journey is accompanies you on the first steps.

We know already so much about utilising our potential and what happens on that your journey.You will learn about what to expect and how to manage the various stages of this most fulfilling path.

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Step 3: Our Community

After people complete the Game-Changer Journey, we were often asked: where are the people like the one's I met in the Game-Changer Journey?
The answer: you meet them in our community.

You will learn more about the community during the Game-Changer Journey.

Your Options to Start Your Journey

These are the different options to start your Journey with us:

Take the Quiz


Find out, what environment you thrive in, and if this journey is for you.


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  • Understand what puts the light into your Eyes, how to get there and what to expect on your way.
  • 5 weekly Group calls (90 min)
  • One Follow-Up Group Call
  • Two 1:1 Follow-up Coachings
  • FREE Alumni Community
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1-on-1 GAME-CHANGER Journey


Same as group session, however:


  • Five 1-on-1 Sessions (90 min)
  • Flexible Scheduling (depending on availability)
  • Private Sessions with Content Adaptation to Your Needs
  • FREE Alumni Community
I am in!

Not sure, if this is for you?

Then hop on a call with me. I call it the "Full Potential Session". We will take 30 minutes of private time. During this time, you will have an opportunity to discover, why I believe you do have more potential than you currently bring to the table. And I do this absolutely FREE. Click below to find out more.


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