The Game-Changer Journey

A 5-Session Group Course to: 

Discover Your Potential &

The Environments you Thrive in, at Work and Play

Imagine waking up every morning feeling alive and excited for what your new day will bring.

Finally fulfilling your potential every day and making a positive difference in the world.

Knowing exactly where you needed to be to do that.

Knowing that your eyes are shining as you progress on your journey.

Then you are a Game-Changer.

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You’ve done everything you were meant to do.

You've educated yourself and got that job. You've built your career and reputation. And you were there for your family and friends, always.

You have everything you worked so hard for, now what?

This was meant to be the perfect destination. Yet, it does not really feel like that. It does not feel like having succeeded.

Maybe you’re even starting to believe that there might be something wrong with you – everyone else seems to have it together, right?

This was the point I reached.

Then I started to ask different some questions…

  • What if there is more than "ticking the boxes"?
  • What if there is nothing "wrong" with me?
  • What if I simply need a different environment to thrive?
  • How can I combine emotional success and financial freedom?

I have good news!

These questions led me to search for better alternatives... and I found them!

This search has taken me over 3 years. I reviewed and did  scientific research. I used my experience of over 20 years work in innovation for corporations, NGOs, humanitarian organisations, founders, my own start-ups and working with amazing individuals.

Over time, answers and patterns started to appear. The big one you to hear right now is:

Feeling out of place is actually a good thing!

It is a tell-tale sign that you are capable of so much more!

It means that you are awesome! You have just outgrown the environment you are in today. And the next step is simple. It is, however, not obvious.

Because of this insight,  and the other insights,  I've created The Game-Changer Journey for you.

We need more individuals, like yourself, to embark on a journey to a place where you can thrive. A place where you can consciously and consistently contribute your full potential. This is not just important for your well-being. It is also very important for everybody else's. We know today that your well-being at work affects your health, your performance and your relationships. We also know that unhappiness and disengagement is contagious. It affects your colleagues, your family and your friends.

This course is your first step to ensuring everybody is better off.

"I would definitely recommend this to anybody who feels they have bigger dreams than they are currently living."

Christine L.

"Following this course, I applied for and successfully landed a job in a completely different industry. I had the courage to negotiate terms that work for me and family at this phase in our lives, despite much well-meaning advise that no one will hire someone who doesn't want to put in 40 hours a week or more."

Christine S.

"The Game Changer Journey gave me useful tools to identify what (...) doesn't suit me in my current working life, but also tools to understand what I AM looking for in my future working life. It gave me comfort that I am not alone and there are others like me who also have the same thoughts and feelings. "


The Game-Changer Journey is a very personal and special course to me...

I love the moment when the eyes of the participants light up with the realization of what they are REALLY capable of. When you access that place inside that has fuelled your most amazing and powerful moments. When you learn how to harness that unique gift you have. When we create a map to use it to your full potential. Regardless which path you choose: these insights can change your life.


Firstly, it is important to understand how your current environment is limiting your joy, your well-being and your performance.


Secondly, we will look at the environment that suits you, the words, the images that you need to describe what you are looking for going forward.


Next, we will look at the potential you have, when you are fully engaged and your eyes are shining. We will look at the topics and themes that will do that.


Finally, we will look at how you can deliver this potential, either in your current work or by making changes, so you can thrive fully.

Hi, I'm Steffen. I'm an innovator, entrepreneur and results driven optimist on a mission!

I used to work in a soul-destroying work environment and I have seen far too many since.

Initially, I followed the "normal" career path. It served me well. I became director in a large corporation, even ranking in the Top 3% of my peer group.

However, with every career step and every day, I felt more drained. It took me years to understand what the cause was.

I wanted to make money by making a positive contribution.

Over time, I started to believe there was something "wrong" with me for striving to do good AND make money.

Through experience and research I have learnt that this is possible and how. And it also leads to more personal joy, performance and well-being. I wanted you to benefit from these discoveries, hence I created The Game-Changer Journey.

Not sure, if this is for you?

Then hop on a call with me. I call it the "Full Potential Session". We will take 30 minutes of private time. During this time, you will have an opportuntiy to discover, why I believe you do have more potential than you currently bring to the table. And I do this absolutely FREE. Click below to find out more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Thing you always wanted to know, but never dared to ask:

There are two broad groups of people that this course is for:

1) Individuals, who are disengaged in their work. Maybe you are constantly looking for a new job, cant't get excited about what you do or simply feel out of place in the current work place. 


2) You are outside the work force and don't really want to go back into today's goal and process driven work environment.

Each of the five sessions is a live group call that lasts 90 minutes. Prior to each session, you will receive a link that will take you to the "virtual meeting room". I strongly encourage the use of video. It does make the experience significantly more impact than just audio. 

The group size is limited to 10.

For each course, the sessions take place on five consecutive weeks on the same day and time. Different courses will use different time slots. The details are available on the booking page. 

Sometimes plans change and you can't make a specific session. For this case, we will record each session and make the video available on the course web site to participants.

Each session will be recorded and the video will be made available to participants on the course website.

We chose the live session format, as participants reported that the exchange with other group members was immensely valuable. Each session consists of an introduction, some work in break-out groups as well as group discussions and sharing. This will allow for questions to be asked.

Confidentiality is an important topic. We can only expect people to share and discuss openly, when we can be sure that what is discussed stays in the group. Here is how we address the confidentiality topic: 1) everybody agrees to keep the information int he group confidential, 2)  you choose what you want to reveal, 3) only participants will have access to the participants list, 4) we only address participants by first name. So, your boss will only find out, if you want that.

If you have any other questions I'd love to answer them for you. Send me an email to [email protected] and I'll reply personally.


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