Environments you thrive in (Home Study Course)

Imaging for a moment, that you are fully supported in your work. How would your work change? Would you do the same work? Or would you play a bigger game?

And you have just demonstrated, how important the environment is that you are in.  

So, we designed this course for a simple, yet powerful purpose: help you understand what environment will help you thrive, use your full potential and use your intrinsic motivation. The environment you work in is a strong predictor of how you work, how your skills are developed, and your passions nurtured. At the same time, our upbringing and education has not given us the tools and methodologies to identify, choose and create these environments that we thrive in. That is why we created this course.

If you are looking for more engagement, passion and meaning in your work, this is an excellent place to start! Understand this, will fundamentally change the way you look at your daily environment, your work and your life overall.

The outcome for you is:

  • Understanding how your current (work) environment is influencing your behaviour,
  • Introducing the words and images of what the environments look and feel like that you can thrive in, and
  • Understand the next steps on how to achieve this environment. 

It is a home-study course. This means, you can work through the course in your own time. All the videos and PDFs will be accessible to you, once you purchase the course.

Over 6 modules, you cover various topics to understand, identify and describe the ideal environment for you. Depending on your learning style, you will get the words and images as a blue print of the environments you thrive in. And you will see which areas in your current environment might need some tweaking. Understanding the environment, you thrive in, being able to describe it, is immensely powerful. After the course, you cannot express what you need to use your full potential. Imagine what difference you can make, when you deliver your full potential at work and your private life. And it is important to understand - we are not offering an answer, but help you discover the answer(s) that is/are right for you.

We believe this is work spending a few hours. Do you?


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