The GAME-CHANGER Journey 1-to-1 Sessions

Are you looking for a different work experience? One that offers more meaningful opportunities? Are you feeling out of place in today's process and goal driven work environment? Then I can help you.

80% of employees today are feeling disengaged in the work place. Somehow your own potential is lost in today's work place. In our intensive 1-to-1 sessions, we will look at a spectrum of themes that will help you re-discover what your full potential is and how to unleash it. This offer is for individuals, who are looking for the following: 

  • Wanting to progress more quickly, rather than in weekly steps,
  • Needing adjustments to the content or additional, specific results,
  • Looking for more intensive 1-2-1 work, 
  • Prefer not to share in a group,
  • Needing more flexibility around scheduling of the sessions, in case you struggle to make the weekly meetings or want to meet at other times of the day.

During our time together, we will:

  • look at your current (work) experience,
  • discover what environment you need to thrive,
  • how such an environment differs from the environment you are in today,
  • (re-)discover what puts the light (back) into your eyes,
  • how your skills are needed to drive growth and innovation, 
  • understand the skills you have to be be a more effective game-changer in your environment.

Usually the program contains six 90-minutes sessions. After the program, you will:

  • understanding how much untapped potential you have today,
  • understand the environment you need to thrive,
  • behaviors that are holding you back,
  • tap into topics that you feel passionate about,
  • how to share your passion with others, and
  • better understand the future you want to create, for yourself and others.

You will become the change you are craving for! Sounds good? Excellent!

I look forward to working with you!

I do want to add something important: the program is named "Game-Changer Journey" for a very specific reason. I believe there is a lot of untapped potential in too many individuals. And we need this untapped potential. Maybe you will use it to bring it back onto your current job or career. Maybe you will embark on a different path towards a destination you already know. And maybe you will join other like-minded individuals in the ATELIER, a unique work environment, to address the big challenges of today. 

Which ever path you choose:  you will have the opportunity to make a major difference on your chosen path, not just looking on as spectator, but being in the arena with the tools to have major impact on your environment...with passion and purpose. Then, you are on the Game-Changer Journey creating the change you want to see.


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