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5 Reasons why work is not working

How things have always been done around here

As a child, I saw my father work long hours every day, Monday to Friday, often bringing work home for the weekend and evenings. He worked for the same company for 40 years.

I understood early, that work was a place he had to go, whether he wanted to or not. This subconsciously prepared me for the (soulless) fulfilment of my duty. I would also encounter this call of duty once I finished my education.

Today, too many of us head into a job we're not crazy about, to do work that doesn't set our hearts on fire, for people we probably wouldn't be friends with, if we met them on the street. And our parents and elders celebrate our ability to stick with mediocrity for the long term, empathizing with our unhappiness, but reminding us, that this is what life is like.

That’s just the way it is. Or is it?

We stay, and we get promoted to slightly higher-paying positions that still don't allow us to reach our full potential. We are already...

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