Resolving the COVID-19 Shortage for medical protective equipment (PPE)

Our community addressed the supply shortage for "Personal Protective Equipment" (PPE) like masks, gowns and face shields, even ventilators, due to COVID-19.

You will gain access to a community that is working alternative designs for masks, gowns, face shields and ventilators that can be locally produced.

We are currently collecting the best designs and testing them. You will get access to Creative Commons designs, building instructions and material lists, as well as a list of potential suppliers. You will learn about the experiences of producing these items and have a community to discuss specific needs.

We are collaborating closely with hospitals, doctors and medical staff, engineers, makers, scientists of different fields to bring you the best answers. By bringing all this information together, you don't have to look elsewhere for all the answers.

If you have special needs, the community can respond with our knowledge and experience. 

We do ask companies, who want to participate and be seen, to pay a one-time fee. Many of our experts are paid for their work by someone (hospital, company, NGO, administration, etc.). However, some of our experts and contributors are working independently and need to be paid for their time. We want to ensure we can pay those without fixed income for their time, so they can fully focus on researching, designing, testing, optimizing and supporting the community. Many of our contributors have their lives disrupted by COVID-19 as well. We hope to help these individuals as well in the process of helping others. With your contribution, we believe everybody wins. I will provide more information once this project is up and running.


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